More than looking for fun. Sanuk is striving for pleasure, achieving satisfaction and finding enjoyment.

It is an activity; a lifestyle; a goal. It’s constant.

Please use the menu along the top of your screen to navigate! This blog is a project of self exploration, as I hike mountain peaks, explore rivers and valleys, and enjoy life in my beautiful home while saving my pennies to leave it all behind to move to Thailand. Follow my journey as I take you exploring. show you mountain views that so few people get to see, and attempt to quell my own anxieties as I board my Xiamen Air flight from YVR Vancouver, BC to BKK Bangkok, Thailand on October 17, 2016!

You will find here a consolidation of different blogs I’ve attempted to keep over the years: “Entering the Labyrinth” which was a trip journal I kept during my month studying abroad in Greece in 2011, “The Run Diaries” which was a short lived, athletic as well as philosophical endeavour, and finally “The Mountain Diaries,” which I took from an old website called The Summit Project about Vancouver Island peaks that I have climbed, and have adapted to suit the style of Searching for Sanuk.

Want to see more? Let’s follow each other on Instagram and see where our adventures take us! @searchingforsanuk.

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