Midwest USA 2016 Roadtrip

I’d like to share with you a collection of some of my favourite photos from my roadtrip through part of the USA in April 2016. This was my second time visiting Nevada, after going to Las Vegas for five days last year followed by another four days climbing in the desert. This time, we stayed in Red Rock for a week and then drove up to Utah to Zion. In Zion we hit some bad weather that lasted through the rest of the trip (we are talking intense rain, hailstorms, snow, and lots more rain). However, Utah is still an AMAZING state and I got many good photos. After Zion, we took the Burr’s Trail and enjoyed incredible views through the Scenic Byway up to Moab where we stayed a few more days before driving back to Colorado where I would fly home from. I have everything uploaded to Google photos which is my online gallery, but please enjoy my favourites below!

I’ve decided to break this series up into three distinct posts. The first is my week in Nevada, next will be our 2.5 days in Zion National Park, followed by the remainder of our 2 week roadtrip driving through the rest of Utah and into Moab. I did not take any photos leaving Moab and going into Colorado since it was buried under several inches of snow with about one half mile of visibility! Yikes!

Red Rock and Nevada

I flew out to Las Vegas (LAS) from my home airport in Comox (YQQ) on April 15. I decided to fly a few days before my friend would arrive to get more practice flying and traveling solo, as well as to spend a couple of days relaxing and acclimatizing to the heat and dryness of the desert. I camped at Lake Mead Recreational Park for two nights and managed to swindle myself a good deal for a car rental, which can be difficult to afford for driver’s under 25. I realized I am not good at relaxing and doing nothing. The weather on Saturday was extremely windy, and I found myself quite bored since it wasn’t hot enough for me to feel like swimming and the waves were incredible with the windstorm. I managed to read for a short while, then laid in the sun to work on a base tan and then went for a drive to see some of the look out points around Lake Mead before settling on a rock bluff near my campsite to go scrambling.

Sunday morning I woke up bright and early and drove to Boulder City where I would go on a 11.9 mile guided kayaking tour of the Colorado River, starting at the Hoover Dam and ending at Willow Beach, AZ. I’ve been in a kayak a few times and really enjoy kayaking, but wasn’t secure enough in my abilities to go rafting solo. Although this tour came with a hefty price tag ($320 including the USD to CAD exchange rate), it was well worth the money. It gave me something interesting to do and see, and our guide was pretty amazing. The group was small, just myself and another couple, and he showed us many slot canyons as well as an amazing cave which glittered in the afternoon sun. That evening, I drove back to Las Vegas and had dinner at my favourite Chinese food place: Veggie House. Afterwards, I turned to trusty Hotwire to find my a budget hotel and found myself that night at the Super 8 in the Wedding district. My friend Teslin drove out from Colorado that day and arrived in the middle of the night. Monday, we returned my rental car and drove out to Red Rock to camp for the next five days.

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Google Photos has been my photo host of choice lately, and they have an interesting function to upload frames for an animation which they will then create. Below is my first attempt, but a neat one!



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