5 Things I Love About Montenegro!

I’ve been in Montenegro now for 6 days, and it’s been a really interesting change! It’s still the off season here, and although I am on the Mediterranean coast we are still north enough to be quite chilly, especially at nights.

This list will be more specific to my personal and unique experience living here so far, but I am sure that anyone who decides to visit this intriguing and gorgeous country will have a similar list.

5 Things I Love About Montenegro

  1. Personal space! I’d forgotten what it was like to go for a walk and see no one. To visit a beach and have total privacy. To go anywhere at all and not have to twist and wind your way around tons of other people. It is off season right now, but even in the high season there aren’t that many people. To put it into perspective, the entire country of Montenegro has a comparable population to Vancouver Island! And, even better, is that the city of Chiang Mai where I was living previously has more than double the population then this entire country!
  2. The sea! Being from an island, I have been near the ocean my entire life. The air feels better here and there is just something unexplainable about being near the coast. Even though I have never been big on boats or aquatic sports, I still LOVE the ocean and it feels really good to be back.
  3. Food is cheap! Maybe not as cheap as Asia, but still cheap. And there are some things here that are cheaper than in Asia, while other things more expensive. For example, a bar of dark chocolate in Thailand was the same price as a bar of dark chocolate back home. Here, it’s about half! Quality vegetables are a lot cheaper then back home, and I admit… there are some snacks in the cupboard that are half the price of what I’m used to.
  4. Having a kitchen! Many people in Thailand and the rest of SE Asia have a kitchen or access to a kitchen, and eating out was definitely something that I LOVED doing. But it has been really fun being back in a kitchen again, cooking dinner each evening and deciding what I am going to make. Since there isn’t anything to do here in the evenings and it still gets dark early, it has been really nice cooking my own meals again.
  5. It’s easy to exercise! I have been heading out every morning for some fitness. It’s easy to exercise anywhere, really, if you have the motivation. But often I have lacked this motivation, or been easily distracted by other things. (Um, hello amazing food and interesting sights in Thailand?!) But here, there really isn’t anything else to do other then hop on a mountain bike, go for a paddle, or simply just go run. I’m feeling stronger every day, and cannot wait for the summer to get into full swing!

An honourable mention goes to: bread with meals! Eating at a restaurant (which I admit, I have done far less frequently then ever before while travelling) means that your meal comes with bread and sometimes a spread as well. It’s a welcome change to be offered something that you aren’t expected to pay for, even if it was built into the price or service charge.

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