On Vancouver Island

I am so proud of my native country and the island that I grew up on. Vancouver Island is a large island located on the west coast of British Columbia, Canada.


There is literally everything here. Beautiful coastal hikes, tall mountain ranges, winding rivers and endless forests with towering old-growth trees.


Over the past several years, I have put together multiple blogs only to drop my interest after only a few posts. I didn’t want to waste those ideas, so I’ve uploaded them to this website so that they may still be found. I have done so many mountains and hikes on this island that I have yet to write and post about, so this will allow me the opportunity to continue writing about Vancouver Island based adventures.


For now, you’ll find The Mountain Diaries, which previously belonged to the website Summitproject.org and was the URL written into so many log books on so many peaks. Additionally, you’ll find The Run Diaries, which was a blog I started when I took up trail running and found that running gave me a perfect opportunity to clear my mind and begin to think creatively again.

Vancouver Island Based Posts

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